A continuing lifelong journey, documented and shared with all. A site on exploring the world on two wheels and from the air. On chasing dreams and adventure. Documenting these experiences, the places and people.

Motorcycling in Russia

Convair 580

Caravan Flying in Papua

Tail of the Dragon

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Czech Republic

Prague Czech Republic

A beautiful and historic city

Photos are up on a recent trip to the Czech Republic. The fog and lights made for some cool photos. 

Leaning tower of Pisa

Leaning tower of Pisa

Pictures of back to back missions in Europe are up in the photo gallery. First trip from St-John's Newfoundland to Le Touquet, France. Followed by another from Pisa, Italy to Pitsburgh, PA, USA. Got to see the leaning tower of Pisa and explore two great destinations.

Approach into Munich Germany

Various Trips

Photo album of various missions is up in the photo gallery. This is an album that will be continually updated.

Learjet 35 medevac Tokyo Japan Asia

Back in Asia

Pictures are up of an exciting trip to Asia. Thrilled to be back I got to return to Indonesia and see Japan. Also got to experience typhoon Roke, an earthquake and some other adventures all in a week. Can't wait to go back.  

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  • It is really that bad

    SINCE OUR print-edition piece last week, Ukraine’s economy seems to have stabilised a little. The currency fell by about 2% this week against the dollar, much better than what happened the week before (when there was a 14% drop). Ukraine's central bank issued an optimistic press release, suggesting that the currency was starting to appreciate. Despite this not-quite-so-bad...

  • A glut-wrenching experience

    IN THE mid-2000s the Federal Reserve found itself facing something of a problem. Beginning in 2004 the Fed has started raising the federal funds rate in response to strengthening economic conditions. Yet rising short-term rates did not lead to the expected increases in long-term rates. That was a problem, because the Fed very much wanted mortgage rates to go up...

  • The endangered SIM card

    APPLE revolutionised online music with the iPod and iTunes. It may be about to transform the payments business, given the successful launch last month of Apple Pay. And the next set of businesses to have their applecarts overturned may be the mobile-telecoms operators. Some of Apple’s latest iPads have a new type of SIM card that lets users switch easily...

  • Growing the Polish Apple

    NOWY STYL, a Polish company that is Europe’s fourth-largest maker of office furniture, recently bought two small German rivals. The firm’s boss, Adam Krzanowski, was asked by a German friend if he was pleased with his purchase. “I told him that I was not happy with the quality of the workers. His jaw dropped,”...

  • Console-ation prize

    The releases last November of Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One were seen as the last hurrah of high-end home games consoles. The previous versions of each device had been roundly beaten by the lower-tech Nintendo Wii. And simpler games played on smartphones and tablets were rapidly gaining popularity. Sony’s strategy was to...

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